Tick Tock, Look at the Clock

I’m probably the best planner I know. I think I’d be a really great wedding planner, next to Jennifer Lopez. I should’ve planned out this blog post at the least, but I didn’t. Hence, why I’m sitting here and typing it out.

I have always a hard time with time management. I have had many conversations with my mom, and many teachers about this. Specifically the issue, of me racing 95 meters during a 100 meter dash. I have always left things to being almost done. It ‘s the bane of my existence, really.

If you read my last blog, you’d understand a few of my word choices and phrases. I’m working slowly towards a better managed life. I’m insanely organized, most of the time, and I always plan way more steps than I’ll need to take.

I suck at writing these things, sorry. Guess my lesson is learned, as I should have planned out my first blog and I never would have had to do this in the first place.



Frequent Faults

My project was originally a 9 piece portfolio for Red River’s Graphic Design program. The pieces included a food packaging label redesign, a self-portrait, a typographic composition, a photographic collage. There are also personal works to be included. They suggest a range of 4-5 pieces which can include sketches, finished drawings, paintings, etc. I am no longer following through with this, which is typical of me, but I made the right choice. For my project pivot, as we like to call it here at Propel, I will be using the ideas for a few of my personal works from the past portfolio and create three designs of my own artwork to be put transferred to physical forms of my choice. I have created a finalized poster for Artist’s 2b Charity Art Auction, and will be creating in cohorts with Thea her book cover and spine design. I also have finished a doodle for the Doodle 4 Google Canada competition, which has already been submitted! I’m very excited looking forward.

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